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Pruning or Trimming your trees should be done on a proactive basis to properly maintain one of the largest segments of your property’s landscape.

The need for this could be for a variety of reasons.


Well-maintained trees increase curb appeal and can increase your property value. Pruning low-hanging branches can also improve appearance and functionality around walkways and other high traffic areas and will allow more light to reach vegetation at the ground level.


Removing broken, dead or diseased branches can improve both the health and appearance of your trees. At times, removing live branches may be important for the health of the tree. For example, a reduction could be beneficial to allow more sunlight to the parts of the tree in need. Certain types of trees may need shaping or limbs removed to reduce weight for the overall health of the tree, or in developmental stages for young trees.

Avoid Risks

Help protect against falling limbs and storm damage, which can cause major damage to surrounding property (i.e. structures, vehicles or landscaping). Proper tree maintenance can protect your property against tree damage during the high winds and storms that can come from inclement weather in Kansas and surrounding areas!

Every cut made to your tree could cause damage. Pruning, when performed properly, will allow your trees to thrive. Improper care can be detrimental! Always call the professionals at Family Tree Care for your residential or commercial tree maintenance needs to ensure you won’t end up needing a removal a few years later.


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